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  • The company was officially incorporated and established

Sept. 2008

  • The company's plant building was completed

June. 2010

  • Register the Aetna Trademark

July 2010

  • The Party Branch of Enantiotech was approved for establishment

Aug. 2010

  • Expand the pilot plant

Dec 2010

  • A patent is granted for a synthesizing rosuvastatin Intermediates and rosuvastatin

Mar. 2011

  • The company passed ISO 9001:2008 quality systemcertification

July 2011

  • The company won the first prize of zhongshan science and technology progress awar    d and established the 'zhongshan city introduction innovation research team'.

Mar 2013

  • Company won the 'Guangdong Province High-tech Enterprise' certification

Nov 2015

  • The company was identified by Zhongshan Science and Technology Bureau as 'Zhongshan City Asymmetric Catalytic (Enantiotech) Engineering and Technology Research Center'

Sept 2016

  • Finalists in the 5th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Biopharmaceutical Industry Final

Dec 2016

  • Project 'A preparation method for dibenzoyl and its derivatives' won the second prize of Zhongshan Municipal Government Science and Technology Progress Award

Oct. 2017

  • Recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department as 'Guangdong Province Asymmetric Catalytic (Enantiotech) Engineering and Technology Research Center'

Oct. 2018

  • Certification through Intellectual Property Management

Dec. 2018

  •        A week-long FDA review of our Apster Intermediate DMF approval

Mar. 2019

  • Access to the FDA's paper version of the EIR report is an important milestone in the development of our quality management system in Zhongshan

Mar. 2019

  • Obtained the 'Research and Development and Industrialization Application of Green Synthetic Catalytic Technology for New Hand Drugs' in Guangdong Province

Apr. 2019

  • The establishment of Guangxi Enantiotech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to establish a production base

Sept. 2019

  •        The establishment of Foshan Enantiosci Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., the introduction of green asymmetric catalytic team, the establishment of research and development center