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Enantiotech Corporation Limited was established in 2007, whichis a manufacturer of pharmaceutical Intermediates and fine chemicals usingchiral technologies. The companynamed is made upof   Enantiomer + Technology = Enantiotech, Factoryis located in Zhongshan Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, covers anarea of 20 acres, has 2 production lines.The company has always been technology-oriented, and has been working closelywith the world's top international scientific advisory team, and has beencommitted to the development and application of asymmetric catalytictechnology, as well as the development and production of chiral APIs andIntermediates. By the end of 2019, thecompany had more than 70 patented technologies including six series ofcatalysts with independent intellectual property rights. The company has successively won the titles of 'Firstprize of Zhongshan city science and technology award', 'Zhongshancity introduction innovation research team award', 'Guangdongprovince high-tech enterprise' and so on.In 2017, it was identified as 'Guangdong provincial asymmetric catalysis (Enantiotech)engineering technology research center' by Guangdong provincial departmentof science and technology. The company is managedaccording to cGMP standard, with independent quality control system andadvanced testing instruments. It has passed the audit of many customers inEurope, Japan, India and China, and passed the audit of FDA in the UnitedStates in 2018.At present, the company has twosubsidiaries: Foshan Enantiosci pharmaceutical technology co., ltd. and GuangxiEnantiotech pharmaceutical co., LTD.

FoshanEnantiosci pharmaceutical technology co., LTD., was established in September2019, is a research and development subsidiary of Enantiotech CorporationLimited, which is located in the incubator of Gaoming industrial innovationresearch institute, Foshan city, the company is a private high-tech enterprisecommitted to chiral catalytic technology, committed to the research anddevelopment and application of green synthesis catalytic technology of chiraldrugs (small molecule phase transfer catalysis, asymmetric hydrogenation).The company has an R&D site of 2000 square meters,including a GMP site of 600 square meters, with more than 50 fume cupboards andfloor access fume cupboards. More than 200square meters of administrative office area. At the same time, it is equippedwith relevant experiments, analytical equipment, etc., and has completeconditions for small and pilot trials of the synthesis of small molecular drugs. The company has also established long-term cooperativerelationship with top research institutions at home and abroad, such as SunYat-sen University, Jinan University and Guangdong University of Technology.

Guangxi Enantiotech pharmaceutical co., ltd. was established on April 26, 2019, with aregistered cAPItal of 56.33 million, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of EnantiotechCorporation Limited is mainly engaged in the production of high-endpharmaceutical Intermediates, bulk drugs and pharmaceutical preparations. Thecompany carries out plant and process design in strict accordance withpetrochemical regulations, and will build a standard GMP plant, an excellentand efficient warehouse storage system and an independent quality system. The main facilities are 5,400 square meters of quality researchand development building, more than 30,000 square meters of productionworkshop, more than 6,000 square meters of warehouse, more than 10,000 squaremeters of production supporting system.

Qualityproducts and services are derived from Enantiotech staff's unremitting pursuitof excellence and customer satisfaction.Enantiotech is your strategic partner of chiral molecules.